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Steffen Osburg - Professional Visual Content Services Steffen Osburg - Professional Visual Content Services
Regular Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. CET

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Hi! My name is Steffen

I am a freelance picture editor & consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the imaging industry. My knowledge and skills include production, editing, retouching, research, marketing and sales of images by and for visual content producers, sellers and resellers.

I am available full or part-time, for an hourly or date rate, for multi-day flat-rates, standing orders or on a contract basis, or any kind of project based work, remotely from my own office or in-house, 24/7.

Please take a look at the services I offer, and feel free to contact me to get answers to your questions, more info on my services, and for a personal quote.

The 72. Cannes International Film Festival takes place May 14 – 25, 2019!


I will help you tackle this major event, from picture editing to metadata work, retouching til delivery to your clients! Also live while you are still shooting.


what I can do for you

picture editing

You need to cull a production, fast and effectively for a current event and waiting clients, or slow and extensive for an archive, but don’t have time, or need an external eye for a strong selection? I am here to go through your material, choosing the best and most fitting images for your projects and clients.

remote live editing

You are covering an event (red carpet, sports or news event), and need to process images asap while you continue to shoot? Send me your images out-of-camera or from the media center, e.g. to my own FTP server, I will select, retouch, caption and submit them live within the minute while you continue to shoot.

client acquisition

You wish, or need to, generate new clients, markets or market segments, but don’t know how and where it’s profitable to do so? I will help you find new clients, by suggesting clients to you or by representing you in your name, or I can coach you on how to address and approach them yourself.

contrib acquisition

You are looking for new photographers or agencies, who can contribute to your agency or cover a specific assignment? I know thousands of contributors worldwide and can connect you with the right ones, in order to get the job done or to fill holes in the archive of your agency.

digital retouching

You need high-end retouching, or quick and easy adjustments, for one or more images? As an Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom expert, I’ll work on your images to your specifications and in the time you need them to get done, whether for your archival material or new productions.

portfolio reviews

Need feedback on your online or offline portfolio, in terms of quality and marketability? Or, do you want to assemble a new one, or change an existing one to promote yourself and your work better to clients? I take a look and give you advice, aimed at maximizing your success.

photo assignments

You need specific material produced, but don’t have time or resources to organize, manage and supervise it? I take care of everything, from first brief to execution, until post production and delivery.

image sourcing

You need to find the right images for your projects but don’t know where, or don’t have time or manpower for it? I’ll research and get the images you need to illustrate your projects, and negotiate usage rights and fees.

archive curation

You have an archive or want to build one up, but don’t have the time or the knowledge of how best to organize it? I design a concept with you and look after it, from assembly and curation to clean-up.

check out all 27 services

whom i can work for

stock & photo agencies

  • Need help getting your daily incoming feed processed?
  • Need an editor who gets stuff done during your out of office hours?
  • Need an experienced editor to clean up your archive?
  • Need new ideas on how to package and offer your images better?
more on agencies


  • Need an editor getting the production of a multi-day event done?
  • Need high-end retouching for high quality images?
  • Need an independent eye to give you feedback on your portfolio?
  • Need support and input on a long lead production?
more on photographers

publishing houses

  • Need cover at your picture desk for one or more of your publications?
  • Need an assignment manager handling your next production?
  • Need a researcher who can find the right images for you?
  • Need an experienced editor checking usage rights and royalties?
more on publishers

content producers

  • Need an editor to create visual concepts for clients and projects?
  • Need a producer to organize and carry out your photo shooting?
  • Need an administrator looking after your database?
  • Need to find images from agencies and check rights and royalties?
more on producers

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what clients say

I have worked with Steffen for a number of years, and I can highly recommend him for all of the services he has to offer. Steffen is an extremely efficient picture editor, who works with precision and accuracy at speed to produce a fast turnaround of work. He has a great eye for the best image and his ability to quickly correct and crop images so they are presented at their optimum to clients makes Steffen an asset when working both live events and clearing daily shoots quickly.

Tim Clayton, 8x World Press Award Winner

I worked with Steffen for 15 years when he was my senior picture editor at Corbis. I consider him to be a rarity in the present age of not only being an incisive editor, but also a very good art director. He has an outstanding ability to spot worthy images and place them in the market place for discerning clients. I consider this to be a tremendous asset for photographers and picture editors alike.

Leo Mason, Photographer

I have worked beside Steffen at Corbis in the News, Sports and Entertainment (NSE) division as a colleague and supervisor for over 10 years. He displayed top-level abilities as a photo editor and photographer liaison. He has excellent skills in all aspects of digital workflow ranging from selection and manipulation to metadata control. What sets him apart is his discipline and organization when working on complex multi-layer projects. Steffen brings to the workplace an outstanding work ethic, and he can be counted on to consistently lead photographers to produce better work. Steffen is a great asset to any photographer or agency that is in need of imagery of the highest quality delivered efficiently.

Seth Greenberg, Managing Editor

Steffen is one of the best picture editors I know. I am really grateful for his help during my work at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals 2016. He took on all the editing, retouching, metadata work and submissions to all my clients from his home office, and was on demand around the clock. Without him I would not have succeeded.

Kurt Krieger, Photographer
my expertise

your benefits

multi market

Profit from my extensive experience in the German, British, pan-European and global image industry, for the worldwide marketing and selling of your quality content.


Use my profound knowledge of breaking news, stock, editorial and commercial photography, production and curation, for your assignments and archive build-up.

multi field

Benefit from my knowledge of news, sports, entertainment, people, beauty, lifestyle and other topics and photography, for your production and packaging of content.


Use my well-experienced hands and mastery of digital workflow, post-production, metadata, color management and databases (incl. Picturemaxx) for quick and accurate processing.

home office
& in-house

Professional home office set-up with laser fast internet, state of the art machines, screens and color management, to put your mind and your budget at ease…or book me for in-house.

(Eng - Ger)

Open up new markets for your assets with my bilingualism, having worked abroad and for internationally operating companies for many years, and connect with peers globally.

anytime 24/7

Get your work done when you need it or can’t do it yourself, as I am able to work late, night and early shifts, on weekends and bank holidays, or for long periods from my home office.

fast and

Benefit from my personal service, my drive and sophisticated soft skills, my reliability, accuracy, efficiency, and creativity, and my very German organizational skills.


how i can help you

I am a highly organized, enthusiastic self-motivator with drive and sophisticated soft skills,  positive, flexible and reliable, with an analytical, logical and holistic mindset for solving problems. This is my process of working with you:

  • Discussion: We first talk about the service you require or the problems you need to get solved.
  • Planning: We come up with a plan and a solution to achieve your goals.
  • Execution: I work along the tasks we agreed upon, and give you regular feedback on my progress.
  • Review: We take a look at the result of my work and take it from there.
check out all services

So…what can I do for you?

Get a quote for your personal service and all your image needs now!
contact me

message me

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I am based in*: GER/AUT/SUIEuropeAmericasAsia & Australia

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ADDRESS: Leimkrautweg 26, 22589 Hamburg, Germany
PHONE: +49 – (0)40 – 866 24 270
SKYPE: steffeno.

regular office hours

MON – FRI: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. CET
SAT + SUN: Irregular

(I will try to answer your emails soonest, even during my out of office hours, as I always have my inbox in my pocket.)