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May I introduce myself

My Visual Content Services are the result of years of experience and continued personal and professional development.
You will benefit from this knowledge, skill and insight. Following, I would like to introduce myself to you, with a summary as well as with my complete resume.

personal profile

My career in the image industry spans more than 20 years and includes production, editing, retouching, sales and research. Recently in 2016, I have worked as the Senior News, Sports & Entertainment Editor EMEA for Corbis Images based in Hamburg/Germany, leading the productions, photographers and partners in Europa and abroad, and I also worked for ddp Images GmbH, were I was part of the daily photodesk.


At the end of 2016 I decided to make good use of my accumulated expertise and became a freelance picture editor and advisor, founding “Steffen Osburg – Professional Visual Content Services”.


During my career, I was responsible for every aspect that is part of the image industry, from production to sales. I started out as a photo assistant, managing and organizing all aspects of productions in studios and on-location, conducting castings and scouting locations.  Quickly though, I started to work in the photo agency environment, gaining increasing knowledge of the processes of building up an archive, from analogue to going fully digital. I became familiar with archive curation, digital workflow and post production, selling and marketing of content as well as generating clients and looking after them in national and international markets.


Reviewing up to 10.000 images per day for their overall quality and technical execution, checking copyrights and release restrictions, writing IPTC metadata, and giving photographers and media partners I’ve worked with objective and concise feedback on their submissions, and help with their future coverage plans, were part of my growing expertise, as much as building up product lines through acquisition of new sources and archives. Cycling through current event coverage has been part of my daily work as much as leadership and organization of assignments, which I hand to the right sources for production.


I deem myself to be an expert in visual communication with an excellent eye and memory for quality images, following current trends and styles. I have a strong working knowledge of the vast variety of different fields in photography, with the ability to understand why different content is valuable to different brands in an ever changing and rapidly developing industry, including content curation for editorial and corporate communications. Because of my role in breaking news, I am very well experienced in working fast-paced and under pressure, while maintaining an eye for details and quality, making me a master of the overall post production process.

key features

  • Extensive German, British and pan-European image industry expert skills in visual communication, including photo editing, retouching, sales and research, ensuring effective usage of the most relevant and sellable content. Excellent eye and memory for quality images and the ability to build product lines, and to develop strong relationships in all areas of the business.
  • Strong knowledge of sports, entertainment, breaking news and popular culture, with the ability to understand why different content is valuable to different brands, including content curation and creation of custom image galleries for corporate communications.
  • Passion for technical and artistic techniques regarding photography and editing, including comprehensive practical knowledge of digital imaging, metadata, color management, digital photography and digital workflow.
  • Strong knowledge of advertising, marketing, promotion, social media and PR through Communication Studies with an emphasis on multi-lingual customer service.
  • Excellent natural leader and enthusiastic self-motivator with drive and sophisticated soft skills to organize, delegate and work without supervision, who is positive, flexible, approachable and reliable, with an analytical, logical and holistic mindset for solving problems, and strong team building skills.


Senior Photo & Assignment Editor
ddp Images GmbH – Hamburg  2016 – 2016
  • Edited at the photodesk covering news, international celebrity and paparazzi topics, including keywording, metadata work and FTP submissions to clients.
  • Active research on current news and society events, and compilation of related image offers.
  • Sold images from the entire ddp Images collection.
  • Helped and advised clients with search requests and compiled image offers for their needs.
  • Daily communization and organization with international partners.


Senior Editor News, Sports & Entertainment EMEA
Corbis Images GmbH – Hamburg (Home Office)  2012 – 2016
  • Lead and organized our production from more than 100 photographers and media partners (inc.: EPA, Reuters, AP, Zuma, DPA) in Europe and worldwide.
  • Analyzed strategic needs and planned production accordingly for product management.
  • Acquisition of award winning and hi-revenue generating photographers and media partners with contract negotiation.
  • Edited incoming coverage and archive material to Corbis’es standard, incl. work on metadata and digital retouching with Photoshop.
  • Coordinated major events like the 2012 UEFA EURO and the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London, while also being present in London.
  • Identified key customers and brands and their image needs, in order to tailor production and featured image sets.
  • Created custom assignment pitches to major corporate brands, to connect award winning photographers with clients, including: Nike, Canon and Rolex.
  • Build and maintained good working relationships with press offices and PR agencies.


Sports & Entertainment Editor EMEA
Corbis Images GmbH – Hamburg (Home Office)   2010 – 2011
  • Recruited new contributing photographers and media partners.
  • Maintained working relationships with press offices in order to obtain accreditation.
  • Held product presentations for internal and external sales and marketing teams.
  • Edited incoming coverage and archive material to Corbis’es standard incl. work on metadata.


Sports Editor EMEA
Corbis Ltd – London  2006 – 2010
  • Edited incoming coverage and archive material to Corbis’es standard incl. work on metadata.
  • Coordinated our European sports production, incl. major events like the 2008 UEFA.
  • EURO and the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing.
  • Recruited new contributing photographers and media partners.
  • Maintained working relationships with press offices in order to obtain accreditation, incl.: FIFA, UEFA, RFU, AELTC, NHL, NFL, MLS, NBA, DFB.


Media Service Technician
Corbis Ltd. – London  2005 – 2006
  • Digital retouching of images with Photoshop to client specifications
  • Coordinated production flow of material between Corbis and external sources
  • Controlled implementation of new material in Corbis’es catalog


Picture Editor
Jump Fotoagentur – Hamburg    1999 – 2004
  • Maintained the agency’s archive
  • Processed and implemented new production incl. digital retouching and scanning of analog archive material with Photoshop etc.
  • Received, processed and fulfilled client requests
  • Created, implemented and maintained a system for client returns


Photo Assistant
Jump Fotoagentur – Hamburg   1997 – 1998
  • Managed and organized all technical aspects of photo productions in studios and on-location
  • Secured good working relationships with photo laboratories for processing of new material
  • Performed model castings and location scouting for new photo productions