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whom i can work for

I am able to work for a number of target groups and clients, and have done so throughout my career. Take a look at what I am able to do for whom, and which contacts I have worked with in the past as per the list below.
Amongst those are many award-winning photographers, masters in their respective fields and highly regarded amongst their peers, as well as major agencies producing quality content for global markets.
I consider myself fortunate in having been able to help them bring their work to the next level. And I am looking forward to using my experience for these existing and new clients.

target groups

stock & photo agencies

As the selling point for imagery, you as the agencies find yourselves in a highly competitive market that has been, and is, ever-changing. The demand to access and use images easily through state-of-the-art sales channels, and this as fast as possible, and the ever falling royalties for quality imagery, have put retailers, sellers and re-sellers under a lot of pressure. You need more, you need it faster, and you need to make sure your offers are packaged and featured efficiently to maximize revenue.

I am here to help you run your business smoothly, to lend you the hand you need to get everything done on a daily basis. Let me help you generate new ideas on how to package and distribute your content best, or simply to have your database and catalog curated in a way that enables you and your clients to find what all are looking for easiest.

services for agencies


You as the ones actually producing visual communication are faced with challenging markets and ever-increasing demands from clients and partners. In terms of speed, quality, output, and the number of tasks you have to fulfill. Many photographers become increasingly unable to cope with these various demands, or simply don’t have enough time to get everything done.

I am here in order to help you with all of your tasks, give you the time and freedom you need, or new ideas about how you can run your business better while focusing on other things. May it be the processing of the high volume during a major multi-day event, creating ideas for and producing long lead stories, acquisition of new clients or the establishment of your own database.

services for photographers

publishing houses

Picture desks at publishing houses got smaller and smaller over the last decade, due to price pressure and smaller budgets. Today, many publications have to get done by a small work force each week or month, and often the writers or the graphic designers are asked to source images and negotiate usage fees, as publishers cut back on professional editors. Not only does this mean a lack of hands, but also often a lack of expertise on where and how to find and use images.

I am here to help you get your projects done, in time and with the expertise that may be missing. May this be just finding the right images to illustrate your publications and projects, or organizing shoots you need to get done if you need to produce content you can’t find anywhere else, or you want to have exclusively for a specific usage.

services for agencies

content producers

Producing content is easy, but to produce good content consistently, and market it right and efficiently is harder. And this in a landscape where competition is ever-increasing, and clients become more and more impatient. With ever-decreasing attention spans, and more content available, target groups expect a constant stream of personalized, engaging, short form content delivered to them. And your clients need instant response to gauge the return of their investment.

I am here to help you produce the best content you can for your clients, so that they can engage with their target groups better, and see better returns. May it be help with the actual production, getting shoots done, coming up with ideas about the style and visual strategy, or making sure the social media channels of your clients are curated as best as possible.

services for photographers

clients I have worked with








Action Plus Sports Images




Cordon Press




The Hell Gate

Icon Sports Media

Imagine China

International Sports Images (ISI)





Sutton Motorsports

Getty Images


ZUMA Press

Nur Photo

Press Line Photos

Brauer Photos

In Pictures

Alter Photos

Arabian Eye



Hollandse Hoogte


Photo News BE

Scholz Press


Atlantico Press


Hoch Zwei




jump Fotoagentur

ddp Images

content producers


Leo Mason

Ben Radford

Gary Prior

Stephane Cardinale

Christian Liewig

Matthew Ashton

Rune Hellestad

Kurt Krieger

Lars Niki

Debby Wong

Edward Le Poulin

Brian Patterson

Amy Harris

Walter McBride

Frank Trapper

Michael Hurcomb

Kathy Hutchins

Katy Winn

Axel Koester

Paul Mounce

Jared Milgrim

Chris Ryan

Jim Bennett

Suzanne Cordeiro

Sayre Berman

Nicolette Jackson-Pownall

Lisa Holte

Mark Doyle

Chi Modu

Biseerka Livaja

Kenneth Johansson

Zak Hussein

Russel Wong

Tim Clayton


Victor Fraile

Alessandra Benedetti

Alison Scott

Armando Gallo

Camilla Morandi

Caron Westbrook

Garry Stafford

Henry Ruggeri

Ki Price

Marco Secchi

Miriam Tamayo

Robbie Jack

Simon Sarin

Simone Cecchetti

Tibor Bozi

Christian Bruna

Nina Prommer

Nicolas Six

Sebastian Meyer

Andres Kudacki

Charlie Mahoney

Chris Brunskill

Clifford White

Colin McPherson

Davide Mombelli

Fabio Iona

Frederic Haslin

Gerlach Delissen

Ian Buchan

Jo Lilini

Manuel Blondeau

Marianna Massey

Matt Buxton

Michael Cole

Michael Haegele

Neil Tingle

Nick Walker

Paul Cunningham

Philip Brown

Rolf Kosecki

Tim de Waele

Andrea Francolini

Andrew Snook

Eddy Lemaistre

Adli Ghazali

Christopher Morris

Brendan Beckett

Thomas Reiner

Carlo Borlenghi

Gyori Antoine

Walter Weissman

Andrea Franceschini

Stephane Grangier

Rick D’Elia

Christophe Beauregard

Ivan Harris

Thomas Laisne

Czuko Williams

Mattthias Oesterle

Michael Debets

Michael Fludra

Ole Jensen

Stefano Montesi

Sergio Infuso

Arthur Moeller

Elizabeth Kreutz

Stephane Reix


I have worked with Steffen for a number of years, and I can highly recommend him for all of the services he has to offer. Steffen is an extremely efficient picture editor, who works with precision and accuracy at speed to produce a fast turnaround of work. He has a great eye for the best image and his ability to quickly correct and crop images so they are presented at their optimum to clients makes Steffen an asset when working both live events and clearing daily shoots quickly.

Tim Clayton, 8x World Press Award Winner

I worked with Steffen for 15 years when he was my senior picture editor at Corbis. I consider him to be a rarity in the present age of not only being an incisive editor, but also a very good art director. He has an outstanding ability to spot worthy images and place them in the market place for discerning clients. I consider this to be a tremendous asset for photographers and picture editors alike.

Leo Mason, Photographer

I have worked beside Steffen at Corbis in the News, Sports and Entertainment (NSE) division as a colleague and supervisor for over 10 years. He displayed top-level abilities as a photo editor and photographer liaison. He has excellent skills in all aspects of digital workflow ranging from selection and manipulation to metadata control. What sets him apart is his discipline and organization when working on complex multi-layer projects. Steffen brings to the workplace an outstanding work ethic, and he can be counted on to consistently lead photographers to produce better work. Steffen is a great asset to any photographer or agency that is in need of imagery of the highest quality delivered efficiently.

Seth Greenberg, Managing Editor

Steffen is one of the best picture editors I know. I am really grateful for his help during my work at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals 2016. He took on all the editing, retouching, metadata work and submissions to all my clients from his home office, and was on demand around the clock. Without him I would not have succeeded.

Kurt Krieger, Photographer