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My Services | Steffen Osburg - Professional Visual Content Services My Services | Steffen Osburg - Professional Visual Content Services
Regular Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. CET

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I am able to offer you a range of professional services that you can choose from and combine individually.
Please ask for your tailored service. I am happy to help and assist you in finding the right one for you, so you can meet your personal or company goals.

all my services

picture editing

You need to cull a production, fast and effectively for a current event and waiting clients, or slow and extensive for an archive, but don’t have time, or need an external eye for a strong selection? I am here to go through your material, choosing the best and most fitting images for your projects and clients.

remote live editing

You are covering an event (red carpet, sports or news event), and need to process images asap while you continue to shoot? Send me your images out-of-camera or from the media center to my FTP server, I will select, retouch, caption and submit them live within the minute while you continue to shoot.

digital retouching

You need high-end retouching, or quick adjustments for one or many images? As an Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom expert, I’ll work on your images to your specifications and in the time you need them done, for archival or new productions, RAW processing included.

portfolio reviews

You need feedback regarding your analog or online portfolio, in terms of quality and marketability? Or you want to start a new one, or change an existing one, to better present yourself and your work? I will take a look and give you extensive feedback.

contrib acquisition

You are looking for new photographers or agencies, who can contribute to your agency or cover a specific event? I know thousands of contributors worldwide and can connect you with the right ones, in order to get the job done or to fill holes in your agency’s archive.

photo assignments

You need specific material produced, but don’t have time or resources to organize, manage and supervise it? I take care of everything, from first brief to execution, until post production and delivery.

image sourcing

You need to find the right images for your projects but don’t know where, or don’t have time or the manpower for this? I’ll get the images you need, also via My-Picturemaxx, and negotiate usage rights and fees.

archive curation

You have an archive or want to build one up, but don’t have the time or the knowledge on how best to organize it? I design a concept with you and look after it, from assembly and curation to clean-up.

metadata work

You have to attach meaningful and significant metadata to your production or update it with images in an archive, but don’t have the time or are unsure about how to do this? I will do this for you, following IPTC standards or to your specification and needs.

image sets & offers

You need to compile production into thematic sets, but don’t have the time, or need an independent eye for this? Or don’t have the time or chance to react to breaking news and compile and submit fitting images to clients? I will create strong image sets for you.

long lead projects

You need support with the production of long lead stories? From first idea, research, pre-organization or while you are working on it, until post production, editing and promoting your work to clients? I will support you throughout the entire process.

client acquisitions

You wish to generate new clients, but don’t know where it’s profitable to do so? I will help you find new clients, by suggesting clients to you or by representing you in your name, or I can coach you on how to address and approach them yourself.


You do have great material, but no time to present it to clients? Or don’t know which clients, agencies or producers to approach? I know the market and will promote your assets to the right clients, knowing which clients are interested in which topics and style.


You would like to open up opportunities with clients for assignments, perhaps in a foreign market or with target groups you never approached, but neither have the time for this nor know whom to approach? I will represent you and suggest you to the right clients.

studio management

Your studio needs someone to look after all aspects of its daily routine and who keeps all under control during busy production days? I will keep the ship afloat and organize everything, from printer paper to missing camera equipment for shootings.

royalty negotiations

You want to sell your images but don’t know how much you can get for them, or need to get prices for usages in your publications but don’t know if the price given to you is ok? Knowing what imagery is worth today, I will negotiate the best prices for you.

face recognition

You just don’t know who this person is you photographed, and don’t know how to solve this mystery, but need to find out a name now? Whether for new production or archival material? I will find the missing names for you and update your metadata, fast and precise.

major events

You are covering a major multi-day event, like a film festival, G20 summit or Olympics, and are caught up in shooting with no time for post-production? Or need an extra hand to get all incoming content from sources done? I am here to help you cycle everything through, editing, retouching, keywording and delivery.

breaking news

You don’t have the time or opportunity to react to breaking news, and to send your clients fitting material from your archive? Or you want to get notified of events nearby so you can cover them? I compile image sets from your archive for your clients and keep you posted on developments near you.

image delivery

You need to submit your material to clients or partners quickly, but have technical issues or no time or opportunity to do so? I will send your material, new or archival, to your clients for you when and how you want to, via FTP or WeTransfer or any other method possible, fast and secure.

digital asset management (DAM)

You have tons of images from years of work stored somewhere, but no organized and curated archive yet, and don’t know how to create one? Let us plan and build one together, and I’ll help you to keep it clean and neat, technically and in terms of quality.

casting &
location scouting

You need a location for your project, but don’t have time or know where to find it? Or need models for a shoot but don’t want to deal with agencies or conduct castings? I will search for and find the right locations and models for you, in collaboration with respective agencies.

submissions for
photo competitions

You want to participate in a photo competition and need help selecting the best images for your submission, an independent eye finding the strongest ones? I will go through your work and discuss your selection with you, so we make sure you can win.

social media management

You want to present your work through social media channels, but don’t have the time or the knowledge of how best to accomplish this to obtain the best response? I will curate and feed your social media channels for you, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

database administration

You have a database and need someone to look after it? For example as a Picturemaxx expert? From curating the archive to creating and updating client records, checking invoices and solving technical issues, I will look after it to keep things running smoothly at any time.

(eng – d)

You have metadata that only exist in either German or English and need translations for them, but don’t have the time, or are unsure of the correct translations? As a bilingual image and metadata specialist, I will get this done for you, fast and accurately.

can’t find what
you need?

If you need something done that you think I can do, even though I have not listed it yet, then please feel welcome to make an enquiry. Contact me and explain in detail what it is you want me to do. I will get back to you soonest.

available for remote & in-house work - 24/7

Please ask for your tailored service. I am happy to help finding the right one for you, so you can meet your goals.